[2015 - 2016] MultiBootloader v1.21 for Nokia X2

I was a htc hd2 user before. And probably you already know, it has 2 super second bootloader's (sbl) which are based on windows ce kernel and can run android kernel and windows phone 7 efi.

At the moment, we (nokia x2 users) have several stock and cm11 based roms, maybe we will have a bug-free cm12 rom too. So i enhanced twrp recovery and created a multibootloader kernel which boots up to 2 unlimited kernel and already has a fully working twrp recovery features.

With this tool, we can use multiple roms (a nand and a sd-ext based roms) simulatansly. We can select which rom to use at start up process.

When you installed it to your phone, it replaces your kernel (boot partition). So when you boot up to device, it will ask to which kernel is executed. When you select a kernel, multibootloader flashes it to recovery partition and immediatly reboot to recovery to execute kernel.

I also added flash img file and dump rom features. Flash img feature is enhanced for flash system, custom and data images directly from bootloader. This is for flashing roms which havent a flashable zip properly. Dump rom feature is a utility to back up your current rom (nand or nativesd) for sharing it other users. It creates system, custom and data partitions images.

Video preview: Youtube

how to install multibootloader:

Note: It wont replace or wipe your installed rom. You can always start it via selecting its kernel from multibootlader.

How to update multibootloader:

You need multibootloader tool.apk installed on your phone. When new update will available, open app manually and select download & update multibootloader option which is already green.

How to install roms:

Note: If it includes a different kernel except stock and cm11 (for example, when you are installing cm12), select has boot.img option. This will copy its kernel to right folder for multibootloader will able to see it.

LASTEST VERSION: MultiBootloader Tool v53
please remove old before installing this!

How to video guides: Videos