[2013] HTC HD2 HSPL

Hi dear HD2 users. Since a very long time, we are developing Android Roms, Recoveries and Windows Mobile/Phone roms for our Leos. In addition, dear Kokotas has developed and continues to develop his superb bootloader too. This is only "dark-side developed" tool for nowadays. And there is no improvent about hspl's, radio's since 2011.

I am not a developer, coder or hacker ...etc. I had my Leo in 9/2012. So I couldn't see Cotulla's and DFT's works in their own times. I wanted to see these excited days but I was using UIQ based devices those days. But I am using Leo for now and my friends know very well; I am very snoopy;)

I am not going to talking more. I created my own 2.08.HSPL a few days ago and I have been using my own modified aMagldr for a long time. I didn't know how to flash unsigned SPL image via Cotulla's hspl. Because, Cotulla was allowed only unsigned OS and SPLASH images, he wasn't touched SPL and RADIO images. So with hspl we couldn't flash unsigned SPL and RADIO images.

A few days ago, I saw Robbie P's "Bootloader unlocked S-off HD2, HTC developer device" topic in: bootloader-unlocked-s-off-hd2-htc-developer-device-t107.html And I wanted to learn how I can dump HSPL image. I did a research and I wrote this tutorial: how-to-dump-spl-t125.html Also, I could dump Cotulla's 2.08.hspl image. After that I understood which codes was changed by Cotulla and I created my own HSPL as I said above.

Our CustomRUU and AdvancedRUU PC apps, don't flash spl and radios(signed or unsigned). There was another method for it and I tried it. I convert my hspl.nb to leoimg.nbh with a nbh creator and I copied it SDCard and tried to flash via Cotulla's hspl. I got a "flash-loop" so I removed my sd card. But When I turned on my phone, It gave me error and didn't open. I could run my modified spl but I couldn't flash Cotulla's hspl via HSPL4 tool anymore. It gave errors too. At this stage, I tried to flash an unsigned OS image (my modified aMagldr 1.13.05) via AdvancedRUU. And hspl forgot to unsigned spl flash and it worked without a problem:D I put this trick name is "GEZİ Vulnerability"

For information what is GEZİ, please look: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_protests_in_Turkey

Youtube (Song: Lana Del Ray - Summertime sadness)

2.08.hspl changelog:
v1.03b (will release)


v1.02 (not released)


Initial Release (v1.00):


What will be in next releases:

How to install:
Note: Needs 2.08.hspl or 3.03.hspl installed on HD2 and magldr drivers (activesync or windows mobile center) and Advanced ROM Update Utility on your PC.
1)Download 2.08.hspl.zip and extrect nbh formatted file.
2)Rename it "leoimg.nbh" and copy root of your SD card.
3)Power off your HD2 and Press VolDown + PowerOff buttons.
4)You will see 4 color screen and a gray menu will appeared after this.
5)Press PowerOff button for flash.
6)After flash is over, phone will automatically restart.
7)Your phone will enter "flash-loop". Don't be afraid.
8)Remove your battery and sd card.
9)Insert only battery again.
10)Press VolDown + PowerOff buttons and connect HD2 to your PC.
11)Download 1.13.06.zip and extract nbh formatted file.
12)Run AdvancedRUU and select RegularRUU (Task28) and 1.13.06.nbh and flash.
13)Phone will be automatically reboot.