[2013] HTC HD2 aMAGLDR v1.13.07

Hi magldr fans. Cotulla bought a new device (HTC One) and left HD2 scene totally, you know. But Leo development is still continue, we can see 4.3, 4.4, sense 5 roms etc... So I want to do useful things for it and I started to play amagldr about 9 months ago.

It is closed source and we havent its sources too. So I used hexeditor (for comparing it with older magldr versions, 2.08.hspl and several leo and bravo radios), disassemblers for understanding its architecture. But no luck:( I found nothing about how it works, uses rmnet etc... But with these tries, I found/created several tools (new hspls, spl dumper, new partiton wizard etc...) and several guides (which never written before anywhere) for leo, as you already see.

On magldr, I could only modify strings, enhance/remove some commands with binary editing. So it is nearly same as original one. But it is more eye-candy, has better strings and more speedy when loading Android and Recovery now. These are what I can do. I hope, you like it;)

It is totally Cotullas work. I only modified it. So all credits and thanks go to him.




aMAGLDR v1.13.07