[2013] How to mark Bad Nand Blocks on HTC HD2


1) Download and install specific driver to your PC (ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center)
2) Download WM rom and open exe file via Winrar or 7zip or any zip extractor.
3) Extract *.nbh file from it on your desktop and rename it: "leoimg.nbh"
4) Connect your phone to PC and copy leoimg.nbh file to root of your SD Card.
5) Power Off your phone and Press VOLDOWN + END buttons to start SPL pre-bootloader. (three colour screen)
6) It will ask you to install rom. For accept press END button and wait.
7) When WM installition finished, remove your battery.
8) Open SPL pre-bootloader with VOLDOWN + END buttons.
9) Install 2.08.HSPL for aMagldr or 3.03.HSPL for cLK via DFT HSPL4
10) Install radio rom for aMagldr. (cLK users dont need to install any specific radio)
11) Install aMagldr or cLK bootloaders with their own tools/methods in their threads.
12) Flash recovery with bootloaders own tools/methods in their threads
13) Make partitions via bootloaders with their own tools/methods in their threads
14) Run Recovery and Wipe all partitions on Nand memory.
15) Select Copy Log option from Advanced menu.
16) Plug your phone to pc in Mass Storage mode
17) Open SDCard\recovery.log file via any text editor on your PC.
18) Check your badblocks (ex: "mtd: not erasing bad block at 0x07a20000")